It's All About Me - Sibling Appreciation Day

September 8th saw our first ever Sibling Appreciation Day. This day was shared with the Children's Organ Transplant Society (COTS) and was a great success with over 60 registered participants! Siblings of children with life changing illness were given this special day where their needs and feelings were put front and centre.

The goal of this counselor led workshops for children was to promote the effective expression of feelings, to teach coping mechanisms and to enhance self-esteem.  The aim was to help siblings adjust to living with a serious illness in the family and to reinforce their importance within the stressed family unit.

Adults and young adult siblings were invited to listen to the guest speaker, Dr. Maru Barrera, a Clinical Health Psychologist from the University of Toronto and Sick Kids Hospital, to discuss strategies that can help the healthy siblings to verbalize their emotions and help the parents find ways to validate the experiences of their healthy and affected children.

Our gratitude to:

Canuck for Kids Foundation for their financial support in order to makethis day possible.

The volunteers without whom this event would not have happened.

  • The workshop leaders pre-school and craft time activity volunteers

  • our guest speaker

  • the event organizers

Thank also go to our catering team who graciously donated both their time and much of our delicious lunchtime spread!

  • Salina Beaudoin, Corporate Chef of Riverwood Sales

  • Riverwood Sales

  • Starbucks for the coffee to keep us all going.