Our Team

Board Members

Members of the Board for the Rare Disease Foundation in Canada come from all walks of life but share one important drive; a desire to advocate for patients with a rare disease diagnosis. Some of our Board Members have children who have been diagnosed with a rare disease, while others have walked the journey of being a patient with a rare condition.

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Alana Newton, Board Chair

Dr. Millan Patel, Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer 

Owen Underhill, Co-founder & Secretary of the Board



Scientific Advisory Council

  • Dr. Cornelius Boerkoel, Chair
  • Dr. Barb McGillivray
  • Dr. David E.C. Cole

Leadership & Personnel

Sanaz Maleki, Chief Executive Officer

Joeline Norgaard, Program Director

Tanzi Khakimova, Chief Financial Officer

Chloe Lim, Research Program Coordinator