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Our People

Board of Directors

Owen Underhill - Chair

Dr. Bruce Carlton - Member

Karen Rauser - Member

Scientific Advisory Council

Dr. Cornelius Boerkoel - Chair

Dr. Barb McGillivray - Member

Dr. David E.C. Cole - Member

Leadership & Personnel

Dr. Millan Patel - Chief Medical Officer & Research Director

Joeline Norgaard - Program Director

Joshua Daley - Fundraising Consultant

Supporting Associations & Partners

B.C. Children’s Hospital Research Institute

The Canadian Tay Sachs and Related Disorders Organization

UBC Rec (Lace Up for Kids event)

Kaldor Patrons and Founding

Patrons & Founding Volunteers

Neal Boerkoel

Ted Longstaffe

Angela Longstaffe

Tamara Taggart

Judy Hall

Barb McGillivray

Mehdi Kurtagich

Kate Paterson

Coleen Christie

Andrea Holmes

Lori Eisenhaur

Ryan Walton

Sally Douglas

Suman Bakshi

Debbie Bertanjoli

Jen Orth

Ruby Smith

Judy Phan

Rosemarie Rupps

Kirsten Harkins

Marion Thomas

JoAnne O’Connor

Dawn Patel

Christele du Souich

Caitlin Brenchley

Susan Creighton

Jennifer Thompson

Kirsten Bartels

Deb Babcock

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